What to Bring

Day Trips

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Waders- If you don't have waders we can arrange some for you
  3. Wading Boots- If you don't have boots we can arrange some for you
  4. Rods- 5/6 wt for trout and 7/8 for steelhead- if you need rods we have you covered there too
  5. matching reels with floating line- yep you guessed it, same as above
  6. Wide brimmed hat
  7. polarized sunglasses
  8. alcohol- it's illegal for us to supply it otherwise we would
  9. Oregon Fishing License- available at many Oregon stores or online here (please have it before day of trip)
  10. Gloves- spring and fall
  11. Beanie or warm hat
  12. medicine/prescriptions
  13. chapstick
  14. camera
  15. rain jacket
  16. thermal underwear
  17. flies- we provide all you need but feel free to bring your favorites along too

Overnight trips

All the same stuff as day trips plus a few extra things to make your nights comfortable. We provide complete camp equipment however We do not supply sleeping bags or pillows!! Please bring these items, we have dry bags to keep them dry and secure.

  1. outdoor rated Sleeping bag
  2. pillow
  3. toiletries- outhouse restrooms along the river are well kept and contain toilet paper